NCLEX Review for Health Promotion and Maintenance

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1. Which of the following statements, if made by a male cancer patient with hair loss secondary to chemotherapy, indicates the goal for new coping patterns is being met?

a. I think I’ll get some new barrettes for my hair
b. I washed my wig today
c. I asked my mom to bring my shampoo
d. I’m thinking about changing my hair color

2. A client has experienced a traumatic amputation and subsequent body image disturbance. In the record, nurse Janine documents the nursing diagnosis of body image disturbance related to changes in appearance secondary to:

a. chronic disease
b. severe trauma
c. loss of body part
d. loss of body function

3. Which of the following statements, when made by a client with anorexia nervosa, would indicate body image distortion instead of body image dissatisfaction?

a. I don’t like how my body looks
b. I wish I looked like my sister
c. I’m sad I can’t wear halter tops
d. I am so overweight

4. Which of the following questions, when asked by nurse Jessica, assesses for the major defining characteristic of disturbed body image?

a. How do you feel about this disability?
b. How would you describe your usual mood?
c. How does your family feel about your illness?
d. Do you feel fearful, anxious, or nervous?

5. Which of the following clinical manifestations of the aging immune system should alert nurse Therese to increased susceptibility to illness in elder clients?

a. increased autoimmune responses
b. increased production of T and B cells
c. increased lymphoid tissue
d. increased circulating lymphocytes

6. Nurse Jessie should include all of the following information in a teaching plan for elders with altered immune responses except:

a. Let me go over some ways to manage stress
b. It is normal for seniors to run a low grade temperature
c. It is important to eat a balanced diet
d. If your arthritis starts bothering you, we can give you something for pain

7. Nurse Jackie is planning to utilize reminiscence with an elder client. The nurse’s role in this intervention is:

a. remind the client when they repeat themselves
b. focus on the happy memories, not the sad ones
c. probe for details of memories shared
d. use themes or props to stimulate discussion

8. All of the following statements, when made by an elder client, indicate successful achievement of ego integrity except:

a. I think I’ll volunteer at the library a couple days a week
b. I wish I could change some of the things I’ve done
c. I think I’ll take a ceramic class at the senior center
d. I would like to help people learn to read

9. At the 24-week visit, a pregnant woman demonstrates a less than expected growth in uterine size, easily palpable fetus that can be outlined by the nurse, and absence of fetal ballottement. Nurse Clariver should recognize this is most likely related to the development of:

a. Hydramnios
b. Oligohydramnios
c. amniotic fluid embolism
d. macrosomia

10. Which of the following clinical manifestations should nurse Lea document as a positive sign of pregnancy?

a. Amenorrhea
b. uterine soufflé
c. positive pregnancy test
d. fetal heartbeat

11. A woman who is 20 weeks pregnant has been taught about fetal development. Which of the following statements, if made by her, indicate that she has correctly understood what has been taught?

a. My baby is able to breathe now
b. My baby can open his eyes
c. My baby’s about 7 ½ inches long
d. My baby’s starting to grow fingernails

12. Which of these self-care measures should nurse Mickey suggest first for a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy who is experiencing ankle edema, leg cramps, and faintness?

a. Practice frequent dorsi-flexion of the feet
b. Wear support hose
c. Avoid standing for long periods of time
d. Elevate legs when sitting

13. The parents of a newborn have been given instructions about which toys are appropriate for their infant. Which of these statements, if made by the parents, would indicate that they correctly understood the instructions?

a. It will be so much fun picking out a jack-in-the-box
b. I bet he’d enjoy one of those animals that squeaks when you squeeze it
c. Let’s get him one of those teething rings that we can put in the freezer
d. We should hunt for a mirror that won’t break

14. Which of these strategies would the nurse suggest the parents add to their activities to promote tactile stimulation for an 11-month-old?

a. Give the infant finger foods of different textures
b. Provide soft squeeze toys of various textures
c. Allow the infant to play nude on a soft, furry rug
d. Comb the infant’s hair with a soft brush

15. Which nursing measure should assume priority in performing a physical examination on an 8-month-old infant who is sitting contently on his mother’s lap chewing on a toy?

a. Take the toy away so that the mouth can be observed
b. Begin a systematic physical exam, beginning at the head and moving toward the feet
c. Remove all the infant’s clothing so a thorough exam can be performed
d. Auscultate the heart and lungs and then proceed with the rest of the exam

16. When a child demonstrates a positive Babinski sign, which age child would be most important for the nurse to follow-up?

a. 4 months
b. 8 months
c. 12 months
d. 16 months

17. Which of these self-care measures would the nurse include when teaching a pregnant woman about exercise?

a. Check your pulse while exercising and slow your pace if your pulse rate reaches 160
b. You may exercise to the point of fatigue but should avoid exhaustion
c. Avoid exercising in the supine position after the first trimester
d. After exercise relax in the hot tub or sauna for 10 minutes

18. Which of these strategies would nurse Marina include when teaching a pregnant woman about sexual activity?

a. You should avoid sexual intercourse during the last 6-8 weeks of your pregnancy
b. After your fourth month of pregnancy you should place a pillow under your right hip during intercourse
c. Your orgasms will become less intense during the last weeks of pregnancy
d. Many women experience decreased sexual desire during their second trimester

19. When a pregnant couple is over the age of 35, nurse Fe should expect the couple to demonstrate which of these behaviors?

a. increased financial concern related to costs associated with the birth
b. increased confidence related to previous childbirth experiences
c. increased anxiety of physical risk related to maternal age
d. moderate anxiety related to uncertainty about fetal well being

20. Which of these strategies would nurse Paul include when planning care for a pregnant woman who has a decreased MSAFP (maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein), an increase in hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), and a decreased Estriol level?

a. Refer to the physician
b. Tell the woman to increase her folic acid intake
c. Refer for amniocentesis
d. Order a plasma glucose level

21. The parents of a preschool child have been given instructions about the Denver II. Which of these statements, if made by the parents, would indicate that they correctly understood the teaching?

a. This test will tell me whether or not my child’s IQ is normal
b. This test will tell me what developmental tasks my child can do today
c. This test will measure my child’s development
d. This will let me know if my child’s development is normal or not

22. When teaching the parents of toddler-age children about expected developmental milestones, at which age should nurse Yvette tell the parents most children are walking?

a. 12 months
b. 15 months
c. 18 months
d. 24 months

23. If a school age child’s growth and development is within normal range, which of these developmental stages would nurse Rhea expect to identify?

a. Trust
b. Industry
c. Initiative
d. Autonomy

24. When teaching parents about the pros and cons of their children sleeping with them, which of the following information should nurse Alex give the parents?

a. If you give your child more attention during the day they will not want to sleep with you at night
b. Sleeping with parents can contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
c. Children should never be allowed to sleep with their parents
d. You could be accused of sexual abuse if you allow your child to sleep with you

25. The teaching plan for a client with hair loss secondary to chemotherapy should include which of the following instructions on obtaining a wig?

a. Wait until your hair comes out before purchasing a wig
b. Treatments are tax-deductible, but not the wig
c. You can purchase a wig at the American Cancer Society
d. A beautician should be able to give you tips on how to vary the style

NCLEX Review for Health Promotion and Maintenance (ANSWERS & RATIONALE)

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