NCLEX Prep for Maternity and New Born Care

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1.    A client asks, “Can my partner and I still engage in sexual intercourse while I’m pregnant?” The nurse’s response is based on which of the following?

a)    Throughout the pregnancy, coitus interruptus is the preferred method for sexual activity.

b)    Although sexual desire may change, intercourse is safe during an uncomplicated pregnancy.

c)    Engaging in intercourse must be avoided until the client is at least 16 weeks pregnant.

d)    The couple should refrain from engaging in sexual intercourse during the last trimester.

2.    When explaining to a pregnant client about the need to take supplemental vitamins with iron during her pregnancy, the nurse would instruct the client to take the iron with which of the following to promote maximum absorption?

a)    Milk.

b)    Tea.

c)    Hot chocolate.

d)    Orange juice.

3.    A client asks the nurse why vitamin C intake is so important during pregnancy. Which of the following would be the nurse’s best response?

a)    “Vitamin C is required to promote blood clot and collagen formation.”

b)    “Supplemental vitamin C in large doses can prevent neural tube defects.”

c)    “Eating moderate amounts of foods high in vitamin C helps metabolize fats and carbohydrates.”

d)    “Studies have shown that vitamin C helps the growth of fetal bones.”

4.    A 36-year-old primigravida at 22 weeks’ gestation, experiencing no complications to date, is seen in the nurse midwife’s office for a routine visit. While lying supine on the examination table, she tells the nurse that she is feeling dizzy. After observing that the client is pale and perspiring freely, which of the following would the nurse do first?

a)    Turn the client onto her left side.

b)    Obtain the client’s pulse and blood pressure.

c)    Assess the client for vaginal spotting.

d)    Lower the client’s head between her knees.

5.    A 15-year-old primigravid client at approximately 16 weeks’ gestation is being seen in the prenatal clinic with her mother. The client tells the nurse that she has been experiencing an occasional sharp pain from the fundus to her pubic bone on the left side. The nurse determines that the client is most likely experiencing which of the following?

a)    Appendicitis.

b)    Preterm labor.

c)    Round ligament pain.

d)    Fetal movement.

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