Most of the questions of the NCLEX exam are worded multiple choice questions. In recent years, however, the Boards of Nursing have added broader questions that don’t involve multiple choice. For example, some questions:

  • Require identifying and selecting a particular area of a drawn body-part pertaining to the question
  • Involve selecting multiple correct answers (via check boxes)
  • Calculating an answer for a mathematical question (usually for medication dosages) and inputting the answer
  • Arranging according to order a certain medical or nursing procedure (e.g. how to don sterile gloves, or how to do a guaiac test)

Candidates will also encounter fill in the blank questions. Besides multiple choice, these are what are known as “New Format Questions”.

Here in NCLEX Online, we have interactive multiple choice questions to start with and as we go along we plan to include “New Format Questions” for NCLEX Practice Tests. Feel free to answer each and every questions below and have your say on the comment box.

Computer Adaptive Tests

Computer Adaptive Tests for NCLEX-RN

Computer Adaptive Tests for NCLEX-PN

NCLEX Practice Questions

Basic Care and Comfort [BCC]

Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies [PPT]

Reduction of Risk Potential [RRP]

Physiological Adaptation [PA]

Nursing Practice Tests

Fundamentals of Nursing [FoN]

Medical-Surgical Nursing [MSN]

Comprehensive Nursing Exam [CNE]


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