Why is the NCLEX administered internationally?

The benefits of international administration to NCLEX candidates are:

  • Public Protection
    International testing allows qualified and competent nurses to practice sooner than is possible under the previous NCLEX administration model due to the reduction in time it takes candidates to travel to testing centers. The international testing initiative may help alleviate the current nursing shortage; however, candidates will still need to be made eligible by a Member Board before an examination can be administered.
  • Maintain Fair and Rigorous Entry-Level Nurse Licensure Standards
    International NCLEX administration affords convenience to candidates while demonstrating NCSBN Member Board commitment, individually and collectively, to a clear, unambiguous standard for entry-level nurse competency assessment.  This is achieved by utilizing psychometrically sound and legally defensible examinations based on U.S. nursing practice.
  • Removal of Barriers for Nurse Licensure
    International NCLEX administration is designed to make the NCLEX examination process for internationally educated candidates more efficient.  International test administration seeks to provide convenience to candidates by reducing the time and cost of traveling to the U.S. without sacrificing standards.
  • Facilitation of Self-Determination of Employment
    International NCLEX administration does not change jurisdictional requirements or make it easier to become a nurse in the U.S.; it only assists to alleviate the economic impact of traveling to the U.S. each time they must test.

Establish An International Presence Commensurate With the NCSBN Mission and Vision
International NCLEX administration is consistent with NCSBN’s organizational mission and vision statements and provides a common framework to establish multi-lateral relationships with nurse regulatory bodies outside the U.S.

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