Are NCLEX examinations administered internationally the same as the examinations administered domestically?

Yes.  The exam specifications and passing standards are the same for all NCLEX examinations.  The international test centers are required to meet the same security and exam administration requirements as domestic test centers.   The administration environment requirements are summarized as follows:

  • All locations will be Pearson owned and operated centers
  • Pearson centers will be built in accordance with standards in the test services contract
  • Pearson centers will always be staffed by at least two certified test center administers, who are Pearson employees
  • The same secured technology and file server security will be utilized as in U.S. based centers
  • All centers will have the same video/audio recording technology as U.S. based centers
  • All the same digital fingerprint, photograph, palm vein scan and signature technology (including back-up technology), as used in U.S. based centers will be employed
  • All examination registration, scheduling and examination proctoring procedures, including incident reports and investigations will be the same as in U.S. centers

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