NCLEX Cranial Nerve Review and Cholinomimetics

NCLEX Cranial Nerve Review


II-Optic-Vision acuity

III-Oculomotor – Eye function

IV-Trochlear – Eye function

V-Trigeminal – Sensory of the face, chewing

VI-Abducens – Eye function

VII-Facial – Facial expression, wrinkle forehead, taste anterior tongue

VIII-Vestibulocochlear – Auditory acuity, balance and postural responses

IX-Glossopharyngeal – Taste on posterior 33% of the scale

X-Vagus – Cardiac, respiratory reflexes

XI-Spinal Accessory – Strength of trapezius and Sternocleidomastoid muscles

XII-Hypoglossal – Motor function of the tongue

NCLEX Review for Cholinomimetics

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