How to ACE the NCLEX Essay and Multiple Choice Questions

One of the big secrets about standardized exams like the NCLEX is that there are two ways to sail through them: you can either know the answers to the questions or you can know how to answer the questions. (You should be somewhat competent in both areas.)

What’s the difference?

If you know the answers to the questions 100% of the time on the NCLEX, you don’t need a formula. But, if you don’t know the answers to the questions, the formula will help you to find them.

To ace essay questions on the NCLEX exam, the formula is in the structure. If you have the structure right, finding the right facts and arguments to slot into place will be a breeze.

Here’s how to create a structure that you can use to ace any essay question on the NCLEX test.

Acing NCLEX Essay Questions

1. Look at as many past NCLEX exams as you can lay your hands on; most people look at one old NCLEX exam or set of practice questions before a test. You want to find about five (or even more if you can). When you look at a lot of old NCLEX questions, you’ll start to see a pattern. If you can’t get ur hands on an old exam, you can get one from an online NCLEX source like Teaching Solutions (see url below). It should be a well-researched study guide that teaches you test content and has practice question that are similar to ones on the actual NCLEX exam.

There’s always a pattern to the questions in the NCLEX. If there were no pattern, the examiners wouldn’t be able to compare results from one year to the next. That’s why they call it a standardized test.

When essay questions have a pattern, so do the answers.  This content is for members only.

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