120 NCLEX Bullets for Last Minute NCLEX Review

  • When getting down to two answers, choose the assessment answer (assess, collect, auscultate, monitor, palpate) over the intervention except in an emergency or distress situation. If one answer has an absolute, discard it. Give priority to answers that deal directly to the patient’s body, not the machines/equipments.
  • Key words are very important. Avoid answers with absolutes for example: always, never, must, etc.
  • With lower amputations patient is placed in prone position.
  • Small frequent feedings are better than larger ones.
  • Assessment, teaching, meds, evaluation, unstable patient cannot be delegated to an Unlicensed Assistive Personnel.
  • LVN/LPN cannot handle blood.
  • Amynoglycosides (like vancomycin) cause nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity.
  • IV push should go over at least 2 minutes.
  • If the patient is not a child an answer with family option can be ruled out easily.
  • In an emergency, patients with greater chance to live are treated first.

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