Psychiatric Nursing Test

Situation: A 27 year old writer is admitted for the second time accompanied by his wife. He is demanding, arrogant talked fast and hyperactive.

1. Initially the nurse should plan this for a manic client:

A. Set realistic limits to the client’s behavior
B. Repeat verbal instructions as often as needed
C. Allow the client to get out feelings to relieve tension
D. Assign a staff to be with the client at all times to help maintain control

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2. An activity appropriate for the client is:

A. table tennis
B. painting
C. chess
D. cleaning

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3. The client is arrogant and manipulative. In ensuring a therapeutic milieu, the nurse does one of the following:

A. Agree on a consistent approach among the staff assigned to the client.
B. Suggest that the client take a leading role in the social activities
C. Provide the client with extra time for one on one sessions
D. Allow the client to negotiate the plan of care

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4. The nurse exemplifies awareness of the rights of a client whose anger is escalating by:

A. Taking a directive role in verbalizing feelings
B. Using an authoritarian, confrontational approach
C. Putting the client in a seclusion room
D. Applying mechanical restraints

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5.  A client on Lithium has diarrhea and vomiting. What should the nurse do first:

A. Recognize this as a drug interaction
B. Give the client Cogentin
C. Reassure the client that these are common side effects of lithium therapy
D. Hold the next dose and obtain an order for a stat serum lithium level

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