Answer the questions below for Management of Care Practice Test 1. This is a 25 item question quiz. Mark the letter of your choice and click the next button for the next set of questions. The results, answers and the accompanying rationale will be posted as soon as you have completed the exam.

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  1. ccezar20

    nice practice test!

  2. presley

    I don’t agree on # 17 at all.

    • brandijp

      I don’t agree with #17 either, surgery (recent) can have issues with breathing and circulation, which is #1 always over infection…

      • KatherineBurlLPN

        Yeah, I too raised skeptic about that answer…I thought it would be pneumonia because it is related to the rule concerning the ABC’s.

    • I dont agree with that one either, risk is secondary to an actual infection.

  3. jann_avalorina

    very anxiety to sit the exm .. :’(

  4. harmeetvirdi

    iam confused with no 17..i think option 3 has priority bcos he is the patient with increased secretions in mouth..??

  5. where can I find my results

  6. aprilflower123

    you have to register in order to take the test, see the questions, answers with rationale, tand your score…For those of you asking….once you register, you will see1st question, after answering push next to get to the next question, till you get to the end….next page gives you your score about half way now on the next page, along with the answers and rationale….hope this helps…but you must register first…the free registration has quiet a few practice test…

  7. Hi I don't agree with #23 nurse hast to place the patient to high-Fowler's position, then schedule observation !

  8. I just passed…. Agree w/ sum comments on #17 did n e 1 look into that 1? Overall I love this review…..

  9. challenging practice test…

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