Answer the questions below for Management of Care Practice Test 1. This is a 25 item question quiz. Mark the letter of your choice and click the next button for the next set of questions. The results, answers and the accompanying rationale will be posted as soon as you have completed the exam.

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  1. tamirasuggs

    I am confused with question 17. I was always taught ABC’s, so why would you check a child with HIV, before one with breathing problems like pneumonia?

  2. nndamukong

    I made a 48%. that’s poor. some of the questions are not clear to me. The question about giving a wrong medication to a patient and what to do? I strongly believe that for patient’s safety, you have to notify the physician first before completing incident report. So, that question is not clear to me. What if you waist time completing incident report and your pt. dies.

    • nnamukong, I agree with you, I’m going to let the MD know about the mistake that has been made, but the very first thing I would do would be to assess the patient and then call the MD to see what he wants me to do next. the paper work can wait until after the patient is taken care of.

  3. Just wondering hows everyone doing on the CAT tests?? Any range at all? what is the passing score on those CATs?

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