Answer the questions below for Comprehensive Nursing Exam Practice Test 1. This is a 30 item question quiz. Mark the letter of your choice and click the next button for the next set of questions. The results, answers and the accompanying rationale will be posted as soon as you have completed the exam.

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  1. Has anyone taken nclex after using the CAT's on this website and how did they compare and how did you do?

  2. This was a very difficult test. I have taken some of your other tests, and notice that it changes some of my answers. It did the same on this test. Question # 2 was changed, and I'm not sure how. Also, some of the questions on this test were very difficult to understand, because of grammatical errors, or unclear questions. For example, question #18, what exactly is the question? Question 19, answer C, what is that saying? I believe it has grammatical errors. And, question 22, what is the g8 about? Thank you.

  3. Is this PN or RN?

  4. ryan_030890

    i only get satisfactory rating………

  5. faithopelove

    just passed.. vry hard. need to read more..

  6. cinthia90

    very hard

  7. jiruyagiaksaim

    little bit esy than the actual test

  8. jezrelynrodriguez7

    just fine

  9. ketlouis

    how to get my results after the test

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